You’d be surprised how a couple of very simple strategies can shift behavior and output enormously. We are all human and want to be acknowledged, valued and recognized for the work we do. Why struggle when you can live in the solution rather than the problem?

Here are some tried and true tips that will help immediately:

          Create goals with them that are realistic, attainable and manageable.
Why? Goals will ease frustration and empower success.

          Don’t overwhelm them with too many great ideas and solutions at once.
Why? They are more likely to execute and get the job done.

          Create structure and ongoing accountability. 
Why? Left to their own devices ADDers will meander and get off track against their best intentions.

          Work in small spurts rather than long hauls.
Why? It helps them to stay on track and sustain motivation.

          Create deadlines.
Why? You will increase the probability of getting it done!

          Communicate in a non-judgmental way.
Why? Most are embarrassed about their challenges and overly sensitive.

          Ask them to repeat what they heard you say and what they are going to do.
Why? The more specific we all are, the better.

          Maintain a sense of humor and don’t let them drive you nuts!
Why? Why not?

As an ambassador for those of us out there who are ADHD, I hope that something that I have said here resonates with you AS A BOSS and maybe even helps to save a job. I’d love to hear your comments or even better, challenges you are facing with an employee.

Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation conversation.

Coach Nancy