Digital Detox

A digital detox can be a scary proposition!

We went to a BBQ last week at the beach.

Our hostess had a fabulous "Hamptons chic" basket and asked each of us to put our cell phones in there upon arriving. She said she wanted to do an experiment to see what it would be like to have one evening - just one - where we could focus on one another and have real uninterrupted conversations. A throwback to days and times gone by.

Some guests balked. Some felt naked. Some of us were skeptical but willing. Some thought it was the most ingenious thing they had ever heard of.

What happened? The first few minutes were a bit uncomfortable as our fingers twitched to click something, anything, look at a screen or see what someone we barely knew was up to. There was a definite hole that was yearning to be filled.

Then something interesting and wonderful happened. We all began to chat (remember that form of socialization?) and get to know about each other. Meaning that we had real conversations with real live people. We looked one another in the eyes and learned about our kids, work, interests, etc. We ended up all having a really great time and really enjoyed ourselves. Nobody was checking Instagram or distracted by texts.

We all survived. In fact, after the initial awkwardness, we didn't even miss them at all. So what I am saying here is "try it". Not only at a party but turning off and giving yourself the dignity of it all.

You just might even reconnect with yourself!

Have a productive day.

Coach Nancy