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It is all about DONE! Why? DONE feels great, especially today when so many of us are living with loose ends all of the time... clamoring for that feeling of accomplishment.

I routinely tell my clients (often perfectionists who struggle with this) that DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. This strategy actually works!

Especially in our world today where the tsunami is so ever present, most of us never feel a sense of complete or done. There is seemingly no way to stay on top of it all.

One strategy that works every single time is breaking things down into baby steps. After all... If I am having trouble getting it done, the first step is probably too big. I may not even know where to start.

Once I stop and think - and think through - I can see my way to DONE. It is about identifying the first step I literally have to take and then deciding when I am going to take it by looking at my calendar and evaluating possible options.

The reason it is such an issue today is because we live in a world of information overload, choices and interruptions.

Here are my strategies:

  • Start small, but start. Simple but not always easy for those of us inundated with too much to do.
  • STOP, PAUSE and THINK about the first step you have to take.
  • Recognize that DONE is better than perfect.

Have a DONE day!

Coach Nancy

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