Gifts and Glitches


My wonderful client Bruce T. is a senior partner at a top tier law firm in Chicago where he has been for the past 15 years. He isn't sure whether he is ADHD or not ( doesn't matter). But what does matter are the gifts and glitches he deals with in his work on a daily basis. He recently shared with me and I found it not only fascinating but also SO textbook!

Keep in mind as you read that this person is REALLY ACCOMPLISHED and SUCCESSFUL.

See if you identify with some of the "weaknesses and positives" he shared with me.


  • He is slow to start important projects (which often end up much easier than expected once he does start) and hence always behind and losing opportunities to impress.
  • Often quick to jump into something, but then slows down to a crawl trying to get it done.
  • Not great at communicating with interested parties and keeping them apprised of progress even though he is usually doing a great job and getting it done.
  • Always worried about the reactions of others because of his procrastination.
  • Spends way too much time on less important projects.
  • Challenged with follow through.
  • Spends too much time looking for paperwork to be sure he hasn't missed anything.
  • Finds the social aspect of business development and customer service very boring ( as in small talk etc) Sometimes he does enjoy it but mostly feels disconnected.
  • Not great at internal politics
  • Often slow to return calls because of so much going on all of the time. Challenges with prioritizing.

Positives/ Gifts

  • Out of the box thinker; always coming up with creative solutions and anticipatory ideas that others don't see. The one to spot issues that others miss!
  • Strong technical skills when he focuses and directs them purposefully.
  • Can be really charming and brings in really interesting clients.
  • Very loyal and dedicated ( perhaps to a fault)
  • Great with clients in the context of an issue or problem. Easily jumps in and reassures them. Knows and says the right things.
  • Great advising colleagues and friends on personal as well as professional issues.
  • Very persuasive negotiator when in the zone.
  • Well liked and highly regarded in the firm.
  • Great confident, public speaker

Yes. This can be a typical profile of an ADHD executive or the typical profile of a business professional who is simply distracted and overloaded ( like most of us) with too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

What is important here is to be really honest with yourself. Deal with the glitches so that the gifts grow  and you are not dragging around all of this unnecessary baggage for one more day!

Have a productive one,

Coach Nancy