How to Actually Help an Employee Who is Clearly Distracted and Overwhelmed


Create goals with them that are realistic, attainable and manageable Why? Goals will ease frustration and empower success

Don’t overwhelm them with too many great ideas and requests at every meeting

Why?They won't be intimidated or over stimulated and probably will be able to follow through more easily

Create structure and ongoing accountability.

Why? Easier to stay on track and deliver results

Work in small spurts rather than long hauls

Why?It will help them to stay much more focused on one goal at a time

Introduce the concept of getting help when and where it is needed

Why?They won’t be drained and can use their strengths proactively

Suggest they always have a pad, lots of blank folders and pens around

Why?It minimizes organizational frustration

Help them to identify their strengths that may be buried and focus on jobs that maximize these strengths (once you have identified them accurately)

Why?Greater sense of mastery and accomplishment

Encourage them to communicate with you and create a safe environment to do so

Why? The more they do this, the better it will be for both of you

Treat them with respect and understanding

Why?They are probably accustomed to being criticized and feeling diminished already

Maintain a sense of humor

Why?Why not?

Have a productive day!