Improve your productivity by 41%!

I did a research project recently with a psychologist Dr. Edward Petrosky called the PSCI (Petrosky-Snell Coaching Index). We gathered data to help people be more productive and less stressed. One of the areas we looked at was time management and productivity. We surveyed over 225 business professionals ( they each completed a 100 question survey) to see where they stood in terms of crucial skills. One of the key findings that I  found pretty amazing, and highly relevant, is that one of the single best things you can do to improve productivity is: Don't agree to do ANYTHING until you identify the specific date and time you will do it. We found that people who do this are 41% more productive than those who don't!!

Look for more great tips from the PSCI research project for managing the tsunami and staying on top of your game.

Have a productive day!

Coach Nancy