Influencer Series: Deborah Asseraf

In 2013, after working at ABC Television for three years coordinating large-scale galas and concerts, Deborah Asseraf decided she had her fill of cookie cutter events and started Popcorn Productions. Popcorn is an experiential marketing company that helps business owners break through the noise and claim their spotlight through strong, fun and innovative marketing strategies. Through a combination of laser-focused marketing strategies and innovative exercises, Popcorn Productions helps business owners convert prospects into paying customers by enhancing touch points into interactivitiesDeborah also hosts bi-monthly women's networking event PopEvents, and writes for Epoch Times through her blog Social Pulse.

The Distracted Executive: What are the biggest distractions that you deal with every day?

Deborah Asseraf: My email. I schedule ninety-minute blocks in my schedule where I don't check email, and I simply focus on fulfillment, but then I find myself spending at least that much time on the back-end catching up. I guess it's never a win-win.

TDE: Everything seems important or urgent these days. How do you efficiently navigate your to-do list without hindering your success?

DA: My to-do list comes second to my client's success. I manage all my time and efforts on them and then schedule what's left for my internal business development. The business only runs successfully if clients are happy and talking about you, so that is my #1 priority.

TDE: Give my readers one tip on how to keep it all together.

DA: There is freedom in numbers: Track everything! I track how much time I spend on projects to sales, cashflow and networking. I want to know exactly where my sales are coming from so I can concentrate my time and energy solely on what's working.

TDE: You manage people and work with some people who are all over the place. How do you deal with someone who is very distracted and not giving you what you need?

DA: Before starting to work with a client, I generally form three solid goals my client wants to achieve in order to move forward. When my clients becomes distracted, doesn't do the work or isn't giving me what I need, I simply point back to those goals and use them as motivators. 

TDE: As an entrepreneur, what is the greatest challenge in your business today and what are you doing to address it?

DA: Growth to me is a very exciting challenge just because so many options comes along with it. The key is finding the growth that aligns with your long-term vision, and that can sometimes be tricker than it seems. I create a marketing calendar to keep me and my clients on track, but I also make sure to revisit those calendars constantly to update, revamp or add things. A business is very much like a work of art - it is never finished!