Tips to Manage Time Over Time: ADD or Not!

Many of my clients are of the, what I like to call "culturally induced variety" meaning that they don't have a diagnosis and yet behaviorally, deal day in and day out with the same challenges as those who do. What we are all after are simple ways to manage our time and plan more effortlessly to reduce stress and increase our effectiveness. In other words, feel more in control because we know how to tackle everything that has to get done.

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • STOP/THINK/THINK THROUGH what you need to do every single day until it becomes a habit
  • NEVER/EVER leave home without your planner/calendar. Look at it all day every day. It will become your best friend and greatest source of comfort.
  • Scheduling time and tasks is like a giant puzzle. Every task has a finite amount of time it will take and must have a specific time allocated to completing it.
  • Always reschedule in real time. Don't just let things disappear into the black hole of "later".
  • Don't forget the 25% X factor! Tasks usually ( always) take at least 25% longer than you think they will.

Being productive feels great!

Coach Nancy