Turn Intentions Into Action

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Ever feel awful because many of your intentions just seem to be exercises in futility these days? When you make them, you really do intend to follow through but things chronically and consistently get in the way. So many of us are inundated all day ( and night) with things TO DO. Our TO DO lists have to do lists! How are we supposed to dismantle all of this and restore some integrity to our lives here? Here is a suggestion! It is a 7 Step Execution Process for Getting Unblocked, Unfrustrated, Refocused and On Track With Your Life

First, take a nice long, deep breath. Then…

  1. Identify the challenges and obstacles that are frustrating you. Write them down.
  2. Get crystal clear on the big picture as well as the individual things that are creating it.
  3. Concretize what success will look like- goal by goal.
  4. Define the concrete steps for getting there-continuously identifying the first step to take
  5. Reduce each step to manageable parts…breaking one at a time down to smallest possible action / next step which will give you clarity on where to even start
  6. Find an accountability partner and set up clearly defined systems for ongoing action, accountability and focus
  7. Live in day to day solutions consistently taking action and getting unprecedented results!

It’s that simple: A ton of potential transformed into focus, action and extraordinary results.

It all happens in the details so take a little while to figure out what is stopping you and you will be able to move forward and not disappoint yourself or others.

Have a productive day!

Coach Nancy