You Don't Have to Be ADD to Feel like it These Days!

Welcome to The Distracted Executive's first blog post! In both my personal and professional life, I have, more times than I can count heard people say  "Hey..these days everyone has ADD", almost as if it is one big joke. Well, if it's not that funny!

The multi-billion dollar price tag on lost productivity is not funny. We are living in unprecedented times. Modern life demands that we develop new skills to juggle our overwhelming workloads and bottomless to-do lists in order to optimize our performance, efficiency and productivity. The tsunami of information and choices bombarding us aren't stopping anytime soon as far as I can tell.

Yes. ADD is very real. I know. I have it and have dedicated much of my life to helping others who have it as well. The incredible thing that I see happening is that there are many many adults ( I work with business professionals of all types) who are not ADD but are definitely suffering with identical challenges around feeling overloaded, distracted and stressed every single day....attempting to manage overwhelming workloads to regain control of their lives. This rapidly growing segment of the population is developing what I call “culturally induced  ADD".  Whether one is diagnosed with ADHD ( I will use ADD and ADHD interchangeably) what I am finding in working with hundreds of clients for over ten years, is that  ADD or not, best practices apply for integrating strategies and solutions to reduce the overwhelm and stress...which is the great news.

Each week on The Distracted Executive blog , I'll give you tips and strategies, discuss case studies on how my most distracted clients overcame their challenges and found success and share ongoing thoughts about what is happening in the world of distraction, ADHD, work and information overload .

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