Alyssa P., Personal Branding, NYC

"Working with Nancy has been life changing. She is so skilled in the way she communicates with me to keep on track not only in our conversations but in my workflow. For someone like me who is a creative person and a business owner, there are many challenges. Nancy breaks it down with me, holds my hand and gently guides me to success! I now have systems and procedures in place that I never had before. I am forever grateful!"

Bob M., AXA Financial Advisor, NYC

"I decided to work with Nancy after she made a presentation at my job. She helped me create concrete solutions to address my issues and connect them to my goals. Amazingly, I found myself doing those things at work that I once believed were impossible. I love her approach, very easy-going, supportive and constructive."


"When I started working with Nancy, I was 51, newly diagnosed with ADD and suffering a crisis of confidence. Nancy empowered me to create an action-based approach to overcoming feeling overwhelmed, with effective tools now at my disposal. Nancy is the real deal, with a true insider’s understanding."


"Nancy Snell is a superb coach. She is smart, well trained, focused and possesses a true love of her craft. Anyone fortunate enough to work with this gifted and talented woman will not only enjoy the process, but discover his or her performance soaring."

Chris T., Sales Manager Hearst Television, NYC

"Nancy designed a comprehensive mentoring program and created all of the teaching and presentation materials for our company. The program brought all divisions together, and gave them a better understanding of the industry; and themselves as professionals—all which improved their productivity and our bottom line."

Gregory P., Managing Director of Advertising Business Development, Chicago

"When I came to Nancy, I was at a crossroads in my career—underpaid and suffering under a bad boss. Working with Nancy helped me regain focus and build self-esteem. I blossomed into a new level of business success, landed the job of my dreams and increased my salary by over 200%."

Tremendous how much Nancy could accomplish in just 20 minutes—especially with a guy like me. Nancy is the perfect blend of laser-focused coaching and consulting, and I really enjoyed working with her.

Caleb Simonyi-Gindel, Former CEO/

"Nancy worked with one of my direct reports and everything from his workspace to his personal appearance shifted. He became productive, proactive, uninterrupted, effective and happier. To this day, it stands out in my mind as a superb example of how Nancy leveraged a person to a much better outcome."

Ian Stevens, Learning and Organizational Development Manager

"Nancy provided my team with a very crisp and effective workshop discussing time management and how to better clear the clutter in our mind, followed by a laser-focused coaching engagement that made the workshop come alive. I highly recommend Nancy and her work; it is absolutely top notch."

For 15 years, Nancy has been an extremely valuable and consistent advisor, business coach and counselor. Her guidance is always fresh and on point and I have referred her to my biggest clients and also my closest family members – people are lucky to know her and luckier to work with her.

Jasmine Sandler, Awarded Marketing Strategist & Trainer

"I worked with Nancy during a critical time where I needed to interview and hire support staff for my Digital Consultancy. She is goal-oriented and drives results. In addition, she is an excellent accountability coach. I highly recommend Nancy to my CEO clients."

Dr. HD, Clinical Psychologist, Yale University

"The array of thoughts swirling around in my head was keeping me paralyzed. But Nancy quickly helped me translate my complex business challenges into uniquely tailored steps for progress. Because of Nancy, I got the help I needed, and it really paid off big time."